The Fooviron Assembly

The Fooviron Assembly is an album of instrumental electronica. It’s a retro, sampled, acoustic-electric, melodic collection of 12 techno pieces. Say that 10xFast. Go ahead, I’ll wait.


The Fooviron Assembly is a playful electronic homage to classic sampler and electroacoustic music. A touch progressive, a touch industrial, always catchy. Toss in some guitars, bandsaws and grunts.

Portions of the album originated in music I wrote for a computer game created by Mark Skaggs.

The Fooviron Assembly can be streamed for free* in its entirety on SoundCloud (in reduced quality 128 bit MP3) or previewed/bought using the HEAR Foo! link at the top of the blog. Or you can buy the album or individual tracks in full audio splendor from CD Baby, iTunes, BandCamp and a plethora of other spots worldwide.

Hope you enjoy the tunes! Let me know what you think.


*free streaming for you, that is. I end up paying Soundcloud. Isn’t that an awesome thing for musicians to do?

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